Revlon Emerald City

Revlon Emerald CityThis is the second of my two purchases from Revlon’s Suede Rhapsody collection. I already did a post on Fire Fox (the cherry red polish from this collection).

Emerald City is an emerald green (making the name appropriate!) with microglitter. It dries to a finish that falls right in between shiny and matte. The color is very similar to OPI’s Here Today…Aragon Tomorrow SUEDE. I see absolutely no reason to own both. A comparison of the two is in the near future.

Application of this polish was fine. Two coats, dried fairly quickly. Of course being a matte finish it chipped within a day of wearing it.

As an aside I find it very odd this bottle doesn’t match Fire Fox. The print on the Fire Fox bottle is silver, on Emerald City it is gold. Considering they are from the same LE collection, one would think they would be consistent with the packaging. Yes it’s a minor detail, but it really bothers me!

Have a great weekend 🙂


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