wet n wild Midnight

wet n wild MidnightI just can’t say no to purple polishes with holographic glitter. I spotted this on a Limited Edition wet n wild display (not that I know the name of the collection since my CVS decided to rearrange the store and put the LE makeup displays so high up I can barely see them….but that’s an entirely different rant) with New Years themed polishes. Seems a bit early, but alas, I picked up Midnight.

Midnight is a jewel toned purple jelly packed with tones of holographic microglitter. Because it’s a jelly, the formula is very thin. I did have to use four coats to get complete opacity but it was completely worth it.

wet n wild Midnight labelThe wear from this polish isn’t great. Granted, it’s a $.99 bottle of polish so one can’t expect too much.

When I picked this up at the store I immediately thought it looked like Wild Orchid. I hadn’t used (or even looked at) Wild Orchid in months. Somehow I convinced myself in the store that Midnight was more blue than Wild Orchid. That is definitely not the case. They are almost exact dupes. There are some very, VERY slight differences if you look very closely. I’ll do a comparison post later (I have both on my nails right now to take pictures). But there is no reason to own both.




4 responses to “wet n wild Midnight

  1. Glad to hear it–I seem to have lost my bottle of Wild Orchid. 🙂

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