Revlon Plum Night

Revlon Plum NightI picked this while CVS was having a sale on Revlon polishes. We all know I have a major problem saying no to purple polishes.

Revlon is a blackened plum creme. This color isn’t really anything special, just your run of the mill almost black purple creme. But there are a couple big pros this polish has going for it. First of all, this blackened purple lacks the red that many similar polishes have (such as OPI Lincoln Park After Dark). Secondly, the formula and application are fantastic. I only needed two coats and it wasn’t at all streaky. And lastly, the wear is great. I usually wear dark polishes for only a day because the tip wear drives me crazy and a larger chip on dark nail polish drives me even more crazy. But this manicure stayed perfect for several days.

Oh, and one more bonus about this polish, it is readily available. This polish is part of Revlon’s permanent collection and retails between $4 and $5.



5 responses to “Revlon Plum Night

  1. I’ve been wearing this polish since last Friday, which is a shocker for me since I usually change my mani every 2 days. I haven’t had the time to change it and this as worn great on me. I have no chips or tip wear. I love this color too great for fall.

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