Zoya Edyta

Zoya EdytaSurprise, surprise…Ulta is now carrying Zoya! Well, at least the LE collections. I spotted a Zoya Wicked and Wonderful display but no other Zoya polishes.

Edyta is really the only one that caught my eye. It is a blackened green packed with gold microglitter. The finish reminds me a great deal of Hard Candy Mr. Wrong. Very blingy with almost a foil effect.

I have no complaints regarding the application. I definitely needed three coats to get good even coverage, but the formula isn’t runny or too thick.

Prior to this polish, I probably hadn’t used a Zoya polish since I was in high school. Even still I was expecting this polish to wear fairly well. It is a $7 nail polish, after all. Unfortunately this chipped (badly) after having worn it for only a day. Hopefully this was just a fluke, but I did want to mention that my wear time was not good.



3 responses to “Zoya Edyta

  1. This is my favorite polish from the collection!

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