Orly Purple Velvet

Orly Purple Velvet

Purple Velvet is from Orly’s Fall 2009 Matte Couture Collection. I put off purchasing this polish for along time due to the bad luck I had with OPI’s Matte Collection. But I spotted this at Sally’s on clearance for $3.99, so I figured why not give it a try.

Purple Velvet is a medium red based purple with just a hint of shimmer. It’s almost impossible to see the shimmer, but I do believe it makes the polish looks less matte than polishes that have no shimmer at all.

Application of this polish was much better than the application experience with either OPI’s Matte or Suede polishes. Orly’s formula doesn’t dry quite as quickly, which makes it a little bit more forgiving.

Orly does suggest using a base coat with these (unlike OPI), which I did. I think next time I will instead use a ridge filler. Matte nail polishes show every little imperfection in the nail.

I’ve seen this entire collection at CVS, so it’s still readily available. If you’re a fan of matte nail polishes, and want a better formula than OPI can offer, I would highly recommend this line from Orly.



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