OPI I’m a Princess, You’re Not!

OPI I'm a Princess, You're Not!I’ve had this polish for ages, but for some reason I never tried it. This is from the Summer 2006 Princess Charming collection, and I have no idea what would have possessed me to pick this up. It’s very *not* me. But, this polish pleasantly surprised me.

I’m a Princess, You’re Not! is a very pale nude and pink frosted duochrome. It is definitely not your average boring neutral polish.

The formula isn’t great. It’s very sheer and very thin. I used 4 coats and still have a very obvious visible nail line. The VNL didn’t bother me so much though because of the color of this polish.

Wear from this polish was amazing. Even with a base coat, 4 coats of color and a top coat, I wore it for several days with absolutely no chipping.

It think this would be an amazing layering polish over everything from pinks to blacks. I’m actually really excited a (re)discovered this in my stash.

This used to be part of OPI’s Classics collection but apparently isn’t anymore. Even still, I don’t think this is a difficult polish to find.



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