Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Cosmic Blue

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Cosmic BlueThis was definitely my problem child from the Fall 2010 Xtreme Wear releases. I picked this up along with Mystic Lilac (which I love!) and Blue Icing.

Cosmic Blue is a somewhat frosted royal blue with multicolor flashing glitter (regular and bar glitter). In the bottle it looked GORGEOUS! The glitter flashes all kinds of color and the polish looks really packed with glitter.

On the nail this turned into somewhat of a disaster. First of all, the polish is a little on the thin side. At the very least I needed 3 coats to get a full opaque color. Generally this is ok, but the formula of this polish plus the glitter caused all kinds of problems. Even on the second coat, the glitter from the previous coat started to look like the nail polish was full of bubbles. Even with a thick layer of top coat, the polish just looked uneven on the nail.

Sally Hansen Cosmic BlueI also had some problems with the bar glitter. It’s difficult to get the bar glitter to actually stay on the nail, so to say the least, the bar glitter was not evenly distributed.

The amount of glitter you see in the bottle is deceiving. Alot of the glitter sticks to the outside of the bottle, so you really have to shake it before you use it. And then even still, there isn’t that much glitter.

Overall I’m just disappointed in this polish. I think the problem is the base is just too dense for so much glitter. This might work well as a top coat, but anything more than one coat of this polish will just cause you grief!

Sally Hansen Cosmic Blue bottleBlue Icing (also from this release) has the same type of glitter in it and Katie apparently had better luck with it then I did with Cosmic Blue. I have Blue Icing and the glitter doesn’t stick to the bottle near as much as Cosmic Blue, so that might be promising. If you’re dying to get your hands on a polish like this I’d recommend reading Katie’s review on Blue Icing and picking it up instead of Cosmic Blue.



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