Rimmel Night Before

Rimmel Night BeforeThis is one of my all time favorite drugstore polishes. I picked it up ages ago and since then Rimmel had stopped producing the 60 Seconds line. But, rumor has it they are relaunching it, and alot of these are still showing up at Big Lots.

Night Before is a blurple packed with magenta microglitter. It’s one of those dark polishes that never really looks black. Application was fine, though as you can tell in the picture, I did have some drag issues (though you really can’t tell just looking at my nails in real life). I used three coats and skipped the top coat. I wanted to test the drying time. It definitely dried quickly. I went shopping not all that long after I did this manicure and didn’t dent my nails at all.

Hopefully this color will be included in the relaunch. It’s such a pretty color and the magenta microglitter really makes it unique. Another bonus is when this line was out before the polishes were less than $3!



3 responses to “Rimmel Night Before

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  2. That’s a very pretty color! They’ve been seen at Big Lots? Next time I go there, I’m definitely look for #615.

    Right now I’m wearig Rimmel’s “Grey Matter.” You’re right about the drying time. It was very fast & I love the brush, too!

    • I’ve seen and picked up a few of Rimmel’s polishes from this line at Big Lots and I love all of them!

      I agree on the brush, I failed to mention it in my post, but it’s great.

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