Sally Hansen Xtreme – Blue Icing

Sally Hansen Blue Icing… where to begin? Well I guess I’ll tell you why it kinda sucks then tell you why it’s amazing. Deal?

Blue Icing is a light blue frost packed with holo-ish glitter + some short bar glitter. In the bottle it looks AMAZING. However, it goes on SO sheer. All of my photos are 3 coats – and it still looks super sheer in the pictures – but I’m happy to say it looks way better on the nails. I also tend to hate polishes with so much glitter that it ends up looking bumpy – I hate bumpy. This is one of those polishes. 2 coats of Seche Vite and my nails were smooth but the glitter on layers 1 and 2 still looked bumpy on layer 3. Sad.

Now let me tell you why this polish is a rockstar. It’s SO unique I have nothing even remotely close to this in my collection. Nothing. It has it’s redemption in the fact that it’s going to make a rocking top coat. I have lots of light blues and light blue frosts that I can use under it to acheive the color in the bottle. Overall, despite all the problems it’s worth owning. I spotted this at Ulta in a new display for Fall 2010.

I’ll take pictures of it layered over sometime soon. What do you want to see it over??


Some more pictures of Blue Icing….

8 responses to “Sally Hansen Xtreme – Blue Icing

  1. I picked up 2 shades from this new display, didn’t go for Blue Icing, fearing it’d be sheer. So thanks for the post to confirm that. I’d love to have this blue if it’s pigmented enough

  2. I love blues, but this one was not “calling to me”.

    It looks great on the nail!

    Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

    • Oh I loveeee it. I’m going to put it over some of my light blues. I think it’ll be fantastic. I think a better name for it would be Ice Princess. πŸ™‚

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