Maybelline Colorama 23 Ruby Rays

Maybelline Colorama 23 Ruby RaysI’m not even sure where to start with this post. I went to the Dollar Tree the other day and came out with quite the haul, 7 bottles of nail polish for $3.25. They had a bunch of LA Colors nail polish, but they also had 3 packs of Maybelline Colorama colors. I picked up two packs, not really knowing what I was getting. I’ve never tried any of the Colorama line (I remember when they were in drugstores and were quite expensive for what you get, the bottles are only .3ozs and they were at least $3 or $4 a piece). The way they are packaged you can’t see the names of the colors, just the numbers. 23 (now I know 23 has a name, Ruby Rays) looked like your run of the mill pink glitter top coat. Oh my, was I wrong!

Ruby Rays turned out to be a clear flaky duochrome (trichrome? quadchrome?) clear glitter in a pinkish jelly base. I used two coats of Ruby Rays over OPI Sapphire in the Snow. Depending on the light Ruby Rays can look pink, orange, green, yellow and all kinds of colors in between.

I never got the Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure craze, but if you are looking for a Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure dupe, Ruby Rays definitely fits the bill (and it only cost me $.33!).

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Maybelline Colorama Ruby Rays


5 responses to “Maybelline Colorama 23 Ruby Rays

  1. I know some people who would *kill* to have a Colorama, haha. They just look like any other flakie to me.

    • It’s funny since I’m not generally a fan of flakys and I really had no idea what I was buying. It’s a fun topcoat to have, but not something I’d use often. And probably not something I’d buy for more than a dollar!

  2. I am one of those who would kill for a Colorama lol. I like to spice up a colour with flakies. And with the Dolarama price, I would go crazy. Now it’s just the matter of finding them

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