Essie Mesmerize

Essie MesmerizeI have wanted this polish for SO LONG! I ran over to BeautyBrands  yesterday because I needed a new bottle of Essie Good to Go! (by far my favorite top coat, I’ve given  up on Seche Vite, OPI and Orly) and they were running a promotion; buy 2 Essie polishes and get a free top coat. I picked up Mesmerize as well as Jag-u-are.

Mesmerize is from Essie’s Spring 2009 collection, but is now part of their permanent collection. It is a gorgeous blue creme and it applied perfectly in two coats. Essie always does so well when they stray away from their normal pinks and neutrals.

The only thing I have even remotely similar to this polish in my collection is LA Colors Static Electricity…but they are definitely not dupes. Mesmerize is a must have for ANY blue nail polish lover 🙂



3 responses to “Essie Mesmerize

  1. Essie Good To Go is my favorite top coat too. A little expensive but I have major issues with Seche and Poshe and nothing else I’ve tried has worked as well either. Seche and Poshe cause major shrinkage on me with any polish brand.

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