essence The World’s Coolest

essence The World's CoolestLe sigh. I had such high hopes for this polish, only to be entirely disappointed. I spotted the essence limited Edition Surfer Babe display at Ulta and couldn’t say no to such cute packaging! Seriously, might be the cutest nail polish bottle ever.

But anyway, The World’s Coolest is a pale greenish blue. It’s hard to describe. It some lights it looks like an obvious pale blue, in others it looks a little more sea-foam green. Either way, I definitely does not fall into the mint green category. I like the color. It’s pale enough to look really summery and subtle, but not so pale that it looks bad against my pale skin.

Sadly, the application of this polish was TERRIBLE. The formula is very runny and thin. I had to use 4 coats. After the first two thin coats, I started using thicker coats. I finally got the polish to be opaque, but it became so thick and puddle on the side of my nails. It was just a disaster. I would really like this polish if it was a bit thicker :/

There are 3 other nail polish colors in this collection, none of which I will be trying. The polishes in his collection come with a $1.99 price tag. That’s twice as much as the normal essence polishes, but you also get twice the amount of nail polish.

Despite the application issues, I’m glad I own this polish just for the super cute bottle 🙂



essence The World's Coolest MACRO essence The World's Coolest bottle essence The World's Coolest 2


2 responses to “essence The World’s Coolest

  1. Sorry you got a bum bottle. Mine went on thin, but not runny and was fine in two coats. I love the blue color – I am wearing it now on fingers and toes!

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