OPI – Royal Flush Blush

OPI - Royal Flush Blush OPI’s Royal Flush Blush is my favorite pink polish, hands down, no questions asked. It has been my favorite since I bought it well over two years ago. It was originally part of OPI’s 2003 Las Vegas Collection – which was well before my renewed obsession with nail polish. However, it’s now a part of their permanent collection and it’s easy to see why.

It’s a light pink princess pink, it has a pearly shimmery finish and I love it – you can see how low my bottle is and my bottles rarely get that low (although I suppose I could have spilled it at one point in time… but I’m pretty sure it’s from using it so much). Actually, the color reminds me a lot of China Glaze’s Good Witch? I’ll do a comparison next time I have a sunny day.

Anyway, I’d been meaning to get this out for a while – but today a friend of ours asked for advice on a pink (not too pastel, not too bright, not matte) nail polish for her wedding that would go good with honeydew green. I thought of this immediately. Maybe it’s time to break out all my pinks… What do you think?

Oh, I almost forgot – This is 3 coats, no base or top coat. The application was a dream. I’ve been venturing out in my nail polish brands lately and it’s been a while since I’ve used an OPI. I’d forgotten how much I love their formulas, applications, and brushes. Simply Love. I was shocked when I read someone ripping into OPI b/c of their “stupid names” and “horrible brush.” I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion 🙂

Hope everyone had a great day – My Blue Devils won (GO DUKE!) today so I’ll be swatching blues in preparation for the Final Four :). More pictures of Royal Flush Blush under the cut.


More Royal Flush Blush (indoors – no flash):

OPI - Royal Flush Blush

Royal Flush Blush (indoors, flash):

OPI - Royal Flush Blush


8 responses to “OPI – Royal Flush Blush

  1. I LOVE this polish!! This was the first OPI polish I ever bought! And still one of my favs, a staple in my collection! Looks great on you!

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  4. It actually looks a lot like Chicago Champagne Toast, at least from the photo

  5. I have three of this bottle. This is the best OPI nail polish formula I have found. It doesnt chip!!!

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