China Glaze Grape Pop

China Glaze Grape PopIf I could create the perfect purple creme Grape Pop would be it! Grape Pop is from the Spring 2010 China Glaze Up&Away collection. This was always my must have from this collection, even from the early promotional material. I’m just glad it didn’t disappoint 🙂

Grape Pop is a gorgeous blue based purple creme. It does go on a nail just a bit darker than in the bottle, but it is obviously purple in all lights. This is the perfect Spring purple!

The formula is a bit on the thick side, but not near as thick as Heli-Yum. Grape Pop was opaque in two coats without any streaks.


China Glaze Grape Pop 3 China Glaze Grape Pop 4 China Glaze Grape Pop 2 China Glaze Grape Pop MACRO


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