wet n wild Wild Shine Wild Orchid

Yet another fabulous drugstore find! wet n wild’s Wild Shine line retails for just under a dollar, and is often on sale. I picked up Wild Orchid during Rite Aid’s store wide 25% off cosmetics sale. Wild Orchid caught my eye immediately. It’s two of my favorite things: purple and sparklely!

When I got home I was pleasantly suprised to see the microglitter in this polish was actually halo glitter. The thought crossed my mind that this just might be the purple version of OPI My Private Jet. That can’t be bad!

This polish is very thin. It took four coats to get opaque coverage. The halo glitter in this polish is suspended a jelly like deep purple. The purple is darker than it appears in these pictures, but never looks black. Even from a distance it is obvious this polish is purple.

The halo microglitter in this polish is great. It doesn’t just show up in direct sunlight, but under artificial light as well.

I really do love the look of this polish. I even got a ton of compliments from random people and they couldn’t believe it was a wet n wild polish. The only downside is the wear. This polish didn’t wear great. I went about two and a half days before major chipping (this was with a base and top coat). I imagine this has more to do with having to use four coats than anything else. But honestly, for a nail polish that cost under a dollar it performed much better than I expected.



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