Forever21 Love & Beauty Nail Polish Tinsel Town

Tinsel Town is the first beauty product, never the less nail polish, that I have tried from Forever21. I was waiting in line and spotted nail polish in the checkout area. Of course I started digging through the bin. There didn’t seem to be any uniformity when it came to these polishes. The bottles were all different shapes, and many had different prices. I spotted Tinsel Town (which kind of reminded me of Ulta Starstruck) with a price tag of $2.80 and decided to give it a try.

Tinsel town is silver glitter in a clear base. I was getting tired of my Rimmel Marine Blue manicure and decided to try putting glitter on top. I ended up using two coats of Tinsel Town. After the first coat, the glitter was uneven. On top of a darker polish, this was painfully obvious, so I decided to try a second coat. That somewhat evened out the glitter (though as you can probably tell there are still some bald spots). From far away this gave my current manicure a cool look. But up close it’s just a hot mess. On top of bare nails (with three coats) or on top of a silver base coat, I think Tinsel Town could be a great polish.

As far as the bottle and brush go, as I said earlier, there was no uniformity among the Love & Beauty line in terms of bottles. The bottle Tinsel Town is in isn’t anything special. The brush is a normal width, though the bristles are clear instead of the usual  black. The only difficulty I had with applying was getting the glitter even.

After my experience with Tinsel Town I’m not sure I’ll be trying anymore polishes from the Love & Beauty line. While $2.80 isn’t a steep price, you can certainly find better quality nail polishes for around that price (Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear being a good example) and none of the colors I saw were particularly unique.



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