Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Fairy Teal

I resisted making a purchase from Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure line mostly because none of the colors looked very unique plus they came with a high price tag (for a drugstore polish). This changed when I spotted Fairy Teal. It looked like the perfect mix of green and blue I had been looking for.

According to the display, this polish is a 5 in 1. It includes a base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, color and top coat. The directions simply state “apply 2 coats of polish to clean, dry nails.” Going against my better judgment I decided to follow the directions. I skipped my usual base and top coats, and applied 2 coats of color.

I love the color. It is a gorgeous teal creme. The formula is great and it was easy to apply. I didn’t have any problems with streaks and in 2 coats I had opaque coverage.

I was quite impressed with the bottle. The top has a rubber ring around the bottom making it easy to hold while applying the polish. The brush is wide and somewhat square. That took a little getting used to, but after a few fingers the brush was easy to use.

After application I was fairly pleased with this polish. I loved the color, it was easy to apply and the application was quick considering I skipped using a base and top coat. The polish also dried relatively quickly without the help of any quick dry products.

As time passed, I became less pleased with my manicure. The polish chipped very quickly. I barely even made it 2 days before I had to change the polish due to chipping. The worst part by far was how badly this polish stained my nails. It didn’t just yellow my nails, it actually stained them blue. I tried everything to remove the blue from my nails, and nothing worked.

I had MAJOR issues with this nail polish, and due to that I will likely never purchase another color from this line. Fairy Teal is a gorgeous color and I would like to try it using a base and top coat, but I refuse to pay over $7 for a drugstore polish that really isn’t anything special. If it was truly a 5 in 1 polish and I could skip using a base and top coat everytime I used it that would be a different story.



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